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Inspired by an experimental printmaking class in college, Caia began applying the same process to making unique t-shirts for her friends. Feeling like she had a good thing going, she began selling them at the Bard College craft fair in 2013, and she has been slowly but steadily building the SpiralEyez Designs business ever since. Originally from Rhode Island, Caia now lives in Los Angeles and has showcased the collection throughout the country and as far as Melbourne, Australia. She is always experimenting with new techniques and innovative designs that incorporate her love for patterns with the belief that everyone deserves clothes they feel truly themselves in. Her love of fashion & studio art come together in this ongoing experiment with making art you can wear.


It all starts with a drawing. Once it’s transferred to a linoleum block, the design gets hand-carved to create the relief, or negative space . Using traditional printmaking techniques, ink is rolled onto the block to give life to the design. The block is then printed directly onto the garment by hand, using pressure and a Japanese baren. The art of printmaking is half planning & skill, and half hoping for the best. That’s kind of the beauty of it - having faith it’ll look good the first time and figuring out a way if it doesn’t. Caia likes to paint details on top of the printed design to enhance it even further if it came out a little faint. Every garment offers a new possibility! The handcrafted nature of this process gives each and every piece its own genuine character, just like you.



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