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Inspired by an experimental printmaking class in college, Caia began applying the same process to making unique t-shirts for her friends back in 2013. She began selling them at the Bard College craft fair under the name "SpiralEyez Designs" and has been slowly but steadily building what has transformed into a luxurious collection of embroidered jackets and accessories. Inspired by the ancient roots of her name, CAIA Designs celebrates the energy of Caia Caecilia, a Roman Goddess of Fire & Healing.

Originally from Rhode Island, Caia is based in New York City. After living in Los Angeles for 7 years working in the film industry as a production designer, she has now returned to her East Coast artist roots. She is always experimenting with new techniques and innovative designs that incorporate her love for patterns with the belief that everyone deserves clothes they feel truly themselves in. Her love of fashion & studio art come together in this ongoing experiment with making art you can wear.



It all starts with a drawing. Caia has been "intuitively doodling" since she was just a youngster, and now those doodles have developed into intricate, sacred geometry-inspired embroidery designs. Taking the drawing into the digital world through scanning and digitizing, Caia then uses an embroidery machine to stitch out her designs. Using materials like black satin, cotton and upcycled jackets, Caia treats each garment with an artist's dedication and a designer's attention to detail. 

CAIA Designs is the metamorphosis of SpiralEyez Designs, Caia's first experimental clothing line which featured designs that she carved out of linoleum blocks and printed by hand in a traditional relief printmaking process. The art of printmaking is half skill & planning, and half spontaneity & happy accidents. That's what gives each of Caia's garments a unique feel, just like you.





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